Best 10 FM Radio Transmitter Apps For Android

Hello guys today we are going to share this article because many of you want FM transmitter apps but can’t find on google so today I will share these apps and you can use them.

What Is Radio (FM) Transmitter?

Frequency modular (FM) transmitter is a portable electronic device which converts the audio point to the audio signal. This FM transmitter in turn allows us to play different audio track from portable devices present around you such as Smartphone. It covers the area ranging from 9m to 23m. The transmitter device can vary like the FM transmitter can be your car stereo, portable media player, etc.

Why a FM Transmitter Is Essential?

To get the fun of listening to audio from FM transmitter is that pleasurable feeling that we no one can explain. It is not that we can listen to FM radio only on the ride; we can take any FM transmitter portable device and plug it wherever you want to listen from. For this reason, millions of RJ’s working in different channels are getting fair some salary across the world.

How Does The FM Transmitter Work?

First, the audio output from external sources is received by the converter, and then the converter converts those data into analogue audio signals inside the transmitter. After this, FM modulation feature convert the data into FM signal, and then turn the radio frequency to catch and further you can enjoy the songs in any FM transmitter you want to.

Simple Radio

Why Simple Radio?

Clean User Interface:
Simple Radio sports an extremely clean user interface that gets out of your way and helps get you tuning in ASAP. Many radio apps can be too complex when you’re just trying to get a station to play. With Simple Radio, that’s a thing of the past.

One Tap Access to Favorites:
Getting to the station you want to listen to as fast as possible is super important – with Simple Radio you’ll always have one-tap access to your favorites. The app is optimized to make day-to-day use as smooth as possible, whether at home, at work or in the car.

No Buffering or Interruptions:
Using Streema’s experience in serving more than 5 million listeners per month, Simple Radio features unparalleled levels of stability and reliability. We know how important this is. That’s why we push relentlessly to further improve the quality of the listening through the app on each release.

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TuneLink Auto


HI-FI Stereo Bluetooth link: State of the art Bluetooth technology keeps the music playing, without any physical connection.
Direct Connect: Connect TuneLink directly to your car stereo via the 3.5 mm stereo line out using the included audio cable.
FM Transmitter: TuneLink includes a Best-of-Class FM transmitter with RDS that provides unmatched performance compared to legacy FM transmitter solutions.
Fast USB charger: Charge your Android or USB based device included charge/sync cable.
Humbuster: New Potato’s innovative and exclusive ground loop noise elimination technology kills the noise and interference experienced with other charge and direct connect solutions.


Appcessory control: Configure and control your TuneLink through our slick and easy to use free TuneLink application
Automatic Reconnect: Climb in, start your car, Tunelink finds your devices, reconnects, and starts your music playing automatically.
TuneLink Share Modes: keep your TuneLink private or allow it to be shared in one of three modes including TUNELINK SHARE where tunes are successively played from each paired player.
FM Transmitter Control: Set the frequency of the FM transmitter using a large format dial control.
SpeedTune: Let TuneLink use your GPS location to suggest the best open FM channels to use with just two taps.
Station favorites: Setting favorites FM channels is a snap with just one tap. Recalling your preset stations is quick and easy.
Launch your favorite Media Player: Link to your favorite media player app from within the app.
Name Your TuneLink: Create a custom name for your TuneLink device so your friends can find it easily when pairing.


Android based Mobile Phone or tablet:
Android 2.1 platform or higher
Android 2.2 or higher for advanced TuneLink features such as auto-reconnect, auto-play, and advanced share mode
Vehicle with 12V accessory outlet, car audio system with auxiliary line input or FM receiver.

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Quick FM Transmitter

This application launch quickly an FM transmitter for IS03.
This application works on IS01, IS03, IS05, Arrows ef only.
In the others, this application does not work.

When using the transmitter, please use the antenna for one seg. Also, FM radio transmitter does not work in airplane mode.

CastBox – Podcast Radio Music

CastBox – Podcast Radio Music Features

FM transfer
Music streaming
iTunes podcast for android
vast collection of modern music (POP, JAZZ, ELECTRONIC)
connect to your car from your Android device

Podcast Player

10 Features of Podcast Player

1. Ultra simple podcast publishing solution. Unlimited bandwidth and storage. Everything a podcaster needs to host, promote, and track your podcast.

2. Discover and subscribe 340,000+ podcast content. Listen to podcasts group into 16 categories, everyone can find his/her favorite podcast

3. Offer podcasts from 70+ countries & languages
Global famous podcasts and radios all in one: For foreign podcasts/radios

4. Download episodes mp3 file you like for free
Download podcast mp3 you like in Podcast Player without any additional cost and limitation

5. Control playing from multiple widgets
Control your podcast/radio playing from widget, notification center, lock screen, headphone and Bluetooth

6. Customize your own playlist
Build up your own customized playlist for different scenes and moods

7. Share podcast with your friends
One-step sharing episode URL with/without play location to enjoy entertainment with your friends

8. Switch between light/dark themes
Both dark and light themes are ready for you to choose, perfectly fits your location and mood at the moment.

9. Set Sleep timer
Sleep timer for seconds/minutes/hours time unit according to your need

10. Ads-Free version purchase available
Spending only $1.99, you can get your Ad Free version Podcast Player

Car Music Connector

Automatically do the following:
· Enable Bluetooth to make connection
· Start music playback
· Lunch any 3rd party application, Maps or Waze for example
· Disable WiFi to save power while in the car
· Enter Car mode
· Adjust music stream volume to predefined volume

When you leave the car will automatically:
· Disable Bluetooth
· Enable WiFi back (only if was disabled)

Override voice dial button to:
· Simulate play/pause key
· Open any application
· Open Google Now voice search (Jelly Bean or higher)

MyTuner Radio

MyTuner Radio Features

The search engine is fantastic.
Check on the different genres, names of the channel and location
Get the streaming of radio channels across 150 countries
Check on about your favorite performer
Set up the alarm and wake up with the sound of your favorite radio station
Share the radio channel that you like with your friends.


Radio.Net Features

Appealing and good simple interface
Access to international and local radio channels
Bookmark your favorite radio channel
Check on the information about the song that you like
Search for your favorite genre, music or podcast
Look for the new music by viewing recommended channels

Car Home Ultra

Car Home Ultra Features

It shows your GPS- location
Receives your messages
Alarms you about your speed limit
Stream through many local radio channels
High audio quality

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