Reliance Jio withdraws Summer Surprise offer

TRAI, the regulator, asked the Mukesh Ambani-owned company to withdraw that offer, saying it wasn’t legally compliant. This would have pleased Jio’s competitors but not the country’s consumers, who would now have no option but to fork out a higher rate for data.

Reliance JIO withdraws Summer Surprise offer

Following TRAI’s order, Amit Bhawani, a Hyderabad-based techie started the petition, calling yesterday “a black day”.

“Sir, TRAI, which is supposed to be a pro-consumer body disappointed me today; Instead of protecting the scheme that gave a chance to a common man to access Internet at a cost of less than Rs 5/GB, decided to shut the Jio Summer Surprise Offer and has set a precedence that will prevent the consumer from getting affordable data forever,” the petition said.

What’s all this about Jio withdrawing the Summer Surprise offer?

Reliance Jio has been asked to withdraw the ‘Summer Surprise offer’ by TRAI. Now as Jio has stated in its statement, this doesn’t affect people who had already claimed the offer. So if you had already moved onto the Jio Summer Surprise pack, then you’re safe.

Has Jio withdrawn the offer already? Is there a chance to claim it still?

As Jio’s statement claims, they are in the process of withdrawing the offer. According to the website, this will take place over the next few days, though there is no deadline given as such. So yes, it looks like there is still time to claim this offer, if you are going for a recharge on the Jio website.
We tried recharging a Jio number, where Summer Surprise had not been applied, and the offer was still valid.

So this ‘Summer Surprise’ offer is totally free right?

Well, not technically since you are paying Jio a total of Rs 402 (Rs 99 for the Prime membership and Rs 303 for the recharge) in order to get extra three months of free period. If you’ve already made this payment, your free service will continue for the next three months uninterrupted and Jio’s paid recharge will kick in from July 2017.

What are the plans for this Jio Prime and Summer Surprise deal?

You have to pay for the Prime membership and do a recharge of Rs 303 or higher to claim this offer. Options include Rs 499 plan, which offers 2GB FUP per day for a period of 28 days. Calls, SMS are free in these plans. With Jio, the focus is on data, and all calls are 4G VoLTE.


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Trai forces Reliance Jio to withdraw Summer Surprise offer

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